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“I was gifted with the brightest smile and enthusiasm when I shared a You Matter card with the fellow who delivered something to our home. He just lit up the room.”

Dear YuMMies (my term of endearment for You Matter Marathon participants):

Hard to believe we are days away from mailing our You Matter cards to wonderful people like you!

Currently, our community consists of over 12,436 individuals and organizations from 82 countries – we just added South Korea! Some of our recent Ambassador organizations include Caring Kids of Scott M. Ellis Elementary, Spirit Mountain Retreat, The Wedding Shop, and Well-Being Class at Virginia Tech.

Special thanks to our returning Gold Level Sponsor Global Coaching Alliance, Silver Level Sponsor, Davids Trailers, and Bronze Level Sponsor Courage to Be Curious. If your organization is interested in the benefits of sponsorship learn more here.


  1. For those who’ve signed up, your 30 free You Matter cards will be mailed mid-October.
  2. Click here to join our YMM Facebook community.
  3. Check out our You Matter store for extra You Matter cards and You Matter face masks.

You Matter Story
“I never anticipated the reception I would get from the You Matter cards. Unbelievable. For example, I thought a guy was angry with me for delaying the check-out line by distributing YM cards to those ahead of me and all cashiers. He followed me outside, and I gave him one as well. Through tears, he said, ‘You have NO IDEA what this means to me today.. My wife is in the hospital dying and I’m wondering if I’m worth anything at all.’ I now not only hand out individual YM cards, I give 5-10 to them to pass on to others. So far, over 2500 cards given with unbelievable responses and even greater numbers of fabulous feelings of internal joy and happiness within myself. How wonderful for all concerned!”

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Thank you.

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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