This store employee giggled when she read the card!

Dear YuMMies:

The Magic Continues!

Currently, our community consists of over 26,350 individuals and organizations from 83 countries. Some of our recent Ambassador organizations include The Youth Legacy Foundation, Brookdale Hawthorn Lakes, and Millikan Middle School. 

You Matter Story
I’m a nurse and used the card template to make my own You Matter cards. I put a little note on the back of each telling the recipient that I am proud of everything they are doing. I have been giving these out to many different people who work with me at the hospital. I was told recently by someone that they needed to have blood work drawn and were very nervous, when they entered the venipuncturist’s office they saw one of my cards hanging on the wall! They told me it calmed them down immediately and felt like I was there with them. Thank you for this amazing campaign!!
–Susan from Warminster, PA

You Matter Marathon Checklist!

  1. Tell your friends: Free YM cards available until 12/31!
  2. You Matter Digital Cards: Click here to download and share YM cards from the comfort of home.
  3. Post your YM stories and photos in our website Guest Book or Facebook Group! Your stories inspire all of us!
  4. Want more cards? Simply go to our Minuteman Press Ambler store and place your order. A portion of your purchase goes to the YMM.
  5. You Matter mask! Share your cards in safety and style. Buy a You Matter mask today! (Or make a $50.00 donation to the YMM and we’ll mail you a mask for free!).
  6. You Matter journal. Download our free YMM Journal to deepen and enrich your Marathon experience.

YMM in the News!
We’re grateful to the following folks for their generous promotion of the 2020 You Matter Marathon. Please look, listen, and share so we can give them props and get even more people involved in sharing You Matter cards this month.

Thank you.

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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