You Matter Marathon Champion Program

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

—Helen Keller

Thank you for agreeing to be a YMM Champion!

Actions You Can Take to Spread the Word:

  • Invite organizations or businesses you have a connection with to be a YMM fiscal Sponsor
  • Introduce a potential sponsor organization to Cheryl Rice, YMM Founder and Executive Director
  • Submit an op-ed or article about the Marathon to your local paper
  • Invite your local TV station to a school where the Marathon is taking place
  • Speak to a local service organization or community group about the Marathon
  • Post YMM flyers in your community
  • Introduce the Marathon and Cheryl to Oprah Winfrey!


Resources to Help You Spread the Word

Link to Cheryl Rice TEDx talk: You Matter: Changing the World with Two Words:

Link to Shareable 3 Minute YMM Video:

Downloadable PDFs:

Sample Social Media Posts:
How will you share your ‘You Matter’ Card to make a difference in someone’s life? Share your story with us!  #YouMatterMarathon A three minute video of the marathon in action!
#YouMatterMarathon Participate in the #YouMatterMarathon fun by joining our Facebook group:
What is a marathon with no running required? Find out here:  #YouMatterMarathon YOU MATTER. Join the movement. A no running marathon.
See how YOU can change someone’s life by being kind: “The message is as pure and simple and powerful as possible,” #YouMatterMarathon Founder Cheryl Rice “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” -Robin Williams A quote to live by. #YouMatterMarathon “You Matter” Two words that can make an astounding change in someone’s life. Be a part of sharing this influential message: #YouMatterMarathon We can make a difference in the lives of 1 MILLION people. Want to help with this movement?  #YouMatterMarathon
Make a difference. Now is as good a time as any. #YouMatterMarathon #Sponsor #Sponsorship Lace up your heartstrings! Join the #YouMatterMarathon and help us impact the lives of 1 million people next month! #positivelykind Catch up on last year’s #YouMatterMarathon magic! YOU MATTER!  #YouMatterMarathon Will we do it? Will we impact the lives of 1 MILLION people this November? That’s our goal!  #YouMatterMarathon Join the marathon…no running required!  #YouMatterMarathon Happiness is realizing… #YouMatter #YouMatterMarathon Want to make a difference? Consider donating to the #YouMatterMarathon this year and help us help others! 65 Countries and counting….a Global phenomenon that YOU can take part in. Learn more here: #YouMatterMarathon Daily reminder: You Matter. #YouMatterMarathon

Contact Cheryl Rice with questions, suggestions, encouraging words.

You Matter.

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