You Matter Marathon Champion Program

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

—Helen Keller

Thank you for agreeing to be a YMM Champion!

3 Actions for all YMM Champions:

  1. Enthusiastically spread the word about the YMM on personal social media platforms and word of mouth. Click on one of the tabs below for sample social media posts.
  2. Respond to periodic emails asking for opinions – serve as a focus group
  3. Recruit at least 5 organizations to participate as an Ambassador organization

Additional Actions You Can Take to Spread the Word:

  • Invite organizations or businesses you have a connection with to be a YMM fiscal Sponsor
  • Introduce a potential sponsor organization to Cheryl Rice, YMM Founder and Executive Director
  • Submit an op-ed or article about the Marathon to your local paper
  • Invite your local TV station to a school where the Marathon is taking place
  • Speak to a local service organization or community group about the Marathon
  • Post YMM flyers in your community
  • Introduce the Marathon and Cheryl to Oprah Winfrey!


Resources to Help You Spread the Word

Marketing Material We’ll Mail to Your Home:

  • 50 You Matter cards
  • 20 You Matter postcards
  • 1 You Matter car magnet

Link to Shareable 3 Minute YMM Video:

Downloadable PDFs:

Sample Social Media Posts:
How will you share your ‘You Matter’ Card to make a difference in someone’s life? Share your story with us!  #YouMatterMarathon A three minute video of the marathon in action!
#YouMatterMarathon Participate in the #YouMatterMarathon fun by joining our Facebook group:
What is a marathon with no running required? Find out here:  #YouMatterMarathon YOU MATTER. Join the movement. A no running marathon.
See how YOU can change someone’s life by being kind: “The message is as pure and simple and powerful as possible,” #YouMatterMarathon Founder Cheryl Rice “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” -Robin Williams A quote to live by. #YouMatterMarathon “You Matter” Two words that can make an astounding change in someone’s life. Be a part of sharing this influential message: #YouMatterMarathon We can make a difference in the lives of 1 MILLION people. Want to help with this movement?  #YouMatterMarathon
Make a difference. Now is as good a time as any. #YouMatterMarathon #Sponsor #Sponsorship Lace up your heartstrings! Join the #YouMatterMarathon and help us impact the lives of 1 million people next month! #positivelykind Catch up on last year’s #YouMatterMarathon magic! YOU MATTER!  #YouMatterMarathon Will we do it? Will we impact the lives of 1 MILLION people this November? That’s our goal!  #YouMatterMarathon Join the marathon…no running required!  #YouMatterMarathon Happiness is realizing… #YouMatter #YouMatterMarathon Want to make a difference? Consider donating to the #YouMatterMarathon this year and help us help others! 65 Countries and counting….a Global phenomenon that YOU can take part in. Learn more here: #YouMatterMarathon Daily reminder: You Matter. #YouMatterMarathon
At the end of the Marathon we’ll send you a special thank you gift.

Please send Christy Vaupel an email when you’ve enrolled 5 Ambassador Organizations, or if you have any questions.

You Matter.

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