Some thoughts on Mattering from YuMMie Howard Rice

What does it mean when we say to someone You Matter?

You mean as much to this earth as the billions and billions of people who live lived here for billions and billions of years and it means that everything about you matters. Every thought every feeling every happiness every hurt every joy every pain and yes you matter as much as the tallest of the tall and the best of the best and the strongest of the strong no more and not one iota less you matter simply because you are you and that is enough and that is more than enough for all the days to come so hold on and cherish and nurture what is on the inside and outside that make you matter – really really it is no secret it is simply because you are a remarkable child of this planet and you have earned that place and you deserve your place yes yes yes among all the people who ever were or ever will be yes you deserve that place my friend for sure for now for always you matter.

Now it’s your turn:

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You Matter.

With Gratitude,

Cheryl Rice, Founder

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