One of the questions I receive most often when telling people about the You Matter Marathon is, “How do people react when they receive a card?”

Until now my answer had been to tell them about the powerfully moving encounter I had the first time I gave a You Matter card to someone I didn’t know.

Well now, instead of just telling you about the potential and power in giving these cards I can show you.

Here is a two minute video of You Matter magic filmed on September 17 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Special thanks to producer Joy Marx, producer and editor, John Johnson, video assistant Dylan Marx, and my wonderful husband, Alan Wohlstetter for applying their time and considerable talents to this passion project. Thanks also to Nook Coffee and Bakery Bar for letting our crew descend upon them.

I hope after you see this video you will be inspired to join the over 3500 individuals from 14 countries who are already committed to making some You Matter magic this November.


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