Tired of all the Negativity? Then do This Today

If you are:

  • Weary from the negativity and divisiveness of this political season and wondering what can be done to lift your own spirits and those of others around you, or,
  • A leader looking for a simple, economical, and powerful way to acknowledge your employees or clients, or,
  • A teacher wanting a student activity to build character strengths such as kindness, inclusion, and gratitude, or,
  • A parent wanting to add a novel and fun family ritual to your Thanksgiving holiday,

Then join the over 16,000 people from all 50 states and 50 countries in the You Matter Marathon – no running required!

If you sign up by the end of the day you will receive 30 You Matter cards for FREE, and be invited to join our global You Matter Marathon Facebook community.

Need some more inspiration – check out this 2-minute video of the You Matter Marathon in action:

Look forward to making some You Matter magic with you.


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