This store employee giggled when she read the card!

Dear Friends,

The Magic Continues!

Currently, our community consists of over 9,050 individuals and 359 ambassador organizations. We shared over 309,500 You Matter Cards across the globe during November. We ask you to join us in continuing to spread You Matter magic!

You Matter Story
“I am a Doordash driver and I come in contact with a lot of people including overworked restaurant workers, healthcare workers, business owners, poor people, rich people, and more. We never understand what others may be going through and dealing with but a simple card saying YOU MATTER can possibly change someone’s entire outlook on the day, and possibly life.
 I will continue to do this past November because people matter all the time!”
–Lisa, Virginia

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You Matter Marathon in the News

Thank you.

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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