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Caren Caren from Leadville, CO wrote on December 5, 2018 at 12:46 pm:
I have been enjoying being in the community of Leadville, Colorado, which is a small town at the highest elevation in the country, 10200 ft. It is wicked cold in the winter, but everyone enjoys it since snow sports is what it is about. I found out about the Toy Drive for needy children and decided to participate. I dropped off 2 toys at the Medical Center, which was collecting all items to later be distributed at a holiday party for all citizens. I posed with the receptionist who collected the gifts as I gave her the You Matter card. She was very delighted to get it and willing posed for our picture.
Victoria Victoria from Perkasie wrote on November 28, 2018 at 2:51 pm:
Last week, I was leaving You Matter cards in random locations at my job. )I work in a retirement community)
I put one in a secrion where my coworker takes care of. She asked if I put it there. At first I said no but told her yes. It was for her. She thanked me. At the end of the shift, she told me "of all days to get something like this, today meant so much". It was the anniversary of her mothers passing. I began to cry and said I was sorry for her loss. She said she didnt mean to make me cry but she wanted me to know it helped her through the day.
mbridgewater mbridgewater wrote on November 28, 2018 at 10:39 am:
At church Sunday, a woman and I bumped into each other in the crowded foyer, after the service. She was carrying a woven tray of multicolored Peace Cranes, and said "Since I bumped into you it must mean I'm to give you one of these peace cranes I made." So I chose a purple one (of course), and I said, "And I want to give you this card" and gave her a You Matter card. She was really touched and it felt so good to be sharing with each other.

I'd also given cards to the minister, the pianist and the woman who led the morning meditation. Oh yes, and to the woman next to me, who was so welcoming and friendly to me. This was only my 3rd time at this church.
This is such fun and so heart-warming!

And a wonderful way to connect with people at a new spiritual center.

Love it!

Tucson AZ
Harriet Harriet from Orange County, CA wrote on November 27, 2018 at 5:52 pm:
I have been donating blankets and cozy warm wraps around town this holiday season. Several of my cards were placed with donated blankets and given to a local dialysis center.

Another blanket with card was 'secretly' placed on the steps of a fire truck in the parking lot where the firemen were eating lunch.

One of the pharmacy aides at our local CVS was gifted a wrap and card. Her mouth literally dropped open when she saw the YOU MATTER card because our relationship was not the friendliest a while back. I simply said that I appreciate her. She was too touched to even speak. A little kindness goes a long way. And in the end we all just really want the same simple know that WE MATTER ♥♥♥
Brooke Brooke from Diamondhead wrote on November 24, 2018 at 2:57 pm:
I worked as a cashier for a long time in a high end grocery store in my town. Most customers are elderly, well off, or both. Some days are hard. You get yelled at, looked down on, humiliated. The number of people that told me my job was nothing and I was useless was overwhelming, it wears on you. I will never forget a woman early in the job who was very friendly, asked how my day was and wanted to know the answer. At the end of the transaction, she handed me a You Matter card. I cried when she walked away. In a job where you're called stupid and useless and expected to smile, I had never had something so kind happen. In the two years I was there I had this woman a few times. She always gave me a card, and it always made my day. Reminded me the world could be kind. I only ever kept the first one I got, it stays in my wallet. Every other one id give to fellow cashiers. The impact these had on us is other worldly.
mbridgewater mbridgewater wrote on November 20, 2018 at 12:15 pm:
You Matter 2018, so far my favorite You Matter person is one of my Doctors. I love to study genealogy people's background and the history of countries. Things that would enhance the person to be extraordinary in his profession. My health has its challenges, but so do others. Wise people seek strength from a higher being.

Their God.

My strength comes from the Lord sometimes. I have to “be still” stay still and focus hard on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But for today during one of the periods of being obedient and not listening to the news. I was watching a movie and fell asleep. Never did I ever think I would hear that a bomb went into a house of worship, and people’s lives I believe were lost while they were praying to their Higher God. As they were honoring him and their house of worship was invaded. One of my most important doctors God had used him. And I truly believed I am here today for his knowledge his spirituality and his dedication to his patients.

This doctor does not look at me as a person that is not worthy because of my physical characteristics. No matter how much he is in a rush to help others he acknowledges me as someone worthy of his time. I turned over in the bed and I said what they say about bombing, “No, no, I didn't hear that right.” My brain started flying, my prayers started pouring, the tears started flowing and I said I know someone of that faith one of my doctor's I'm almost positive.

As, it so happened I was in the middle of being isolated from everyone's coughs and sneezes, etc. and knowing that I did not want (prednisone) not one more time. But I had an upcoming appointment with my doctor. He is an asthma and allergy specialist that has been seen on television often. Yet he still stays the same as the day I met him over 11 years ago. But hist last name leads me to believe what his faith is. I had to meet with him and pour my heart out so that he could feel my sincerity on what happened to his house of worship. After my office visit I talked to one of the workers and said my hands are no good but I cannot leave here unless you can help me prepare a “YOU MATTER” card. One for my doctor and one for his wife they got to be perfect and they got to be laminated can you help me???

Doctor came in the office a couple times and you're still here. I tried to hurry I tried to move fast but it had to be done properly everything decent and in order and once I leave his staff would give him the cards that are a token of love from me.

After giving him my heartfelt feelings about what has happened to his people. He said it mattered to him what I said and as soon as he took his lunch break he was going to inform his wife. Oh Jesus – what I told my doctor who I consider very professional high standing, one with good morals no prejudgment a doctor you can talk to and negotiate with on your own behalf. No this was not about me there is only one God and the God you serve and the God I serve means as much to me as your God means to you and I am truly, truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I left the cards behind, got my prescriptions, prayed and prayed some more, and I said “Thank you, Lord, for I know you have used this man to save my life.” I will never ever forget Doctor Thomas E. Klein.
Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the cards because the lateness of the hour the need for the office to be vacated so that the next patient could come in. I did not take a picture but trust me when I tell you if there's anyone in my life that matters on a professional level it is this doctor that my Lord and Savior works through as he treats his patients with the utmost respect. Dr. Klein, you are the person that matters, remember always you matter. May God continue to lift your people up and bless you may he heal the wounded hearts. Those that mourn over their loved ones are people like myself that are mourning with you.

I just want you to always know no matter what faith it is that I know I can reach my God at all times. I have never walked in your office and you have changed up on me where. I had to be concerned you have been the same person day in and day out for 11 years. May God continually bless you your family your faith and anyone associated and important to you and your life. I can hear your voice saying and Marian it's your turn. Dr. Kline, may God always keep you close to the bosoms of his heart. Much love and admiration for what you do for others. Thank you, Dr., YOU MATTER!!!! Marian Regina Snipes.
Sue Sue from Jenkintown,Pennsylvania wrote on November 18, 2018 at 3:07 pm:
Hello Friends! I became involved with You Matter because my nephew attends Upper Dublin High School and he is a member of WINGS. I joined the marathon and have given out cards in my neighborhood and during my recent trip to Dublin, Ireland! I am thrilled by the reactions I encountered after handing these cards out! People are so pleasantly surprised that someone would take the time to give them a card. They are deeply touched and some have actually cried. Thank you for creating this marathon! It should truly be a year-round activity! I am so happy to be able to give You Matter cards out! It has changed my own life because I am making so many people happy! ❤️
Vichal Vichal from Verona wrote on November 14, 2018 at 4:46 pm:
I work in a Physical Therapy office as an Office Manager and couple of weeks a mom called to cancel her son's appointment. The reason for the cancellation was because he had been bullied on the bus home from school and didn't want to go anywhere. He came back today after the incident and I gave the You Matter card to his mom and told her to either give it to him or put it in his room discreetly. I hope he understands how important he is to his family and to the world.
AutumnRose AutumnRose from San Antonio wrote on November 13, 2018 at 9:47 pm:
So, this past Saturday, I was in Salado worth girlfriends and I handed a card to s police officer in one of the shops. He seriously asked, "what's this," looked down at it like only a law enforcement officer can, and laughed. Not the reaction I expected. As he chuckled, he said, "I love it." As he unbuttoned his breast pocket and tucked it within, he said, "that's a keeper." I agree.
Steve Roe Steve Roe from Grants Pass wrote on November 13, 2018 at 12:42 pm:
I have been giving out YOU MATTER cards for a few years now. I had 5,000 printed and distribute them to friends for them to give to others. I was at church on Sunday and a person asked for more cards. She gave one to her granddaughter who had injected illegal drugs. Her grandmother showed me a cell phone picture. Her granddaughter was given a YOU MATTER card had been clean for some time and was rightfully proud of her sobriety. The granddaughter had YOU MATTER (with a heart in between the words) tattooed on the elbow of her arm to cover the needle track marks.
Weslie Weslie from Vashon wrote on November 13, 2018 at 12:16 pm:
I handed a you matter card to a man, he smiled, looked at me, then handed the card back. I looked at him and smiled and he reached out and took it back, all without words and perfect understanding!
Jody Jody from Jenkintown wrote on November 6, 2018 at 1:20 pm:
I voted this morning. In these unfortunate days of such political polarity, it was incredible to thank some of the local politicians for running and others who give of their time to volunteer at the polls. The smiles and thank yous were priceless. It means so much to make someone's day with just two little words. I have always given back by volunteering, but this was one the best and easiest ways to let someone know that they are appreciated.
Jamie Jamie from Purcellville wrote on November 6, 2018 at 10:34 am:
This is my second year participating in the marathon. I’ve decided to stretch myself this year and really try to be intentional with my giving of the cards. For example, I just sorted my kids’ Halloween candy and sent the extras to our troops overseas. Included in the package was a YOU MATTER card and a note of thanks. I’m looking forward to the many other ways my family and I can spread some kindness this season. Thanks for providing such a great platform!
Cyndi Cyndi from El Paso wrote on November 6, 2018 at 10:26 am:
On November 3, I walked into a store, and as the clerk helped other customers, I felt compelled to give her my 3rd card. As I stepped up to the register and paid for my purchase, she handed me my receipt and I handed her a card. She held it to her heart with both hands and said, "Oh! Thank you for this! You matter too!" and she came around the counter and gave me a hug. She said it means a lot to her, and proceeded to tell me a story about customers who had come to her store in the past and asked for a discount, and she said their store did not offer discounts and the man was angry and said, why? Don't we matter? And she said, yes sir you matter, and EVERYONE matters, but I just work here, and my boss does not offer discounts. He huffed and puffed his way out of the store! We then proceeded to have a long conversation about the divisiveness of our country these days, and we ended up teary eyed, but we both touched each other's lives in just a few minutes! EVERY LIFE, AND EVERYONE MATTERS!
AutumnRose AutumnRose from San Antonio wrote on November 4, 2018 at 3:10 pm:
I brought my first set of 10 cards with me to Viva Las Vegas. This is probably a town filled with people who could use some kindness, compassion, and love.
I gave my first card to the man I've loved before I ever met him since I want him to know, Even Now, after all these years, he matters.
Today,I was blessed with the opportunity to hand one to famous author, Mike Dooley. I think famous people need to be reminded that they matter outside of who they've become. Got to shake his hand, too ☺️
The next 6 have gone to various Lyft drivers, wait people in restaurants, and other service industry workers; they are the backbone of our nation. As I left the Nevada State Museum, the young man at the missing entrance who took the tickets, gifted me the most beautiful smile and most bubbly of thanks. We had shared some nice moments when I first arrived about one of my son's also bearing his name, Joshua.
In conclusion (for now), this movement, matters.
Ramona Ramona from Tazewell wrote on November 1, 2018 at 3:40 pm:
I thought about the first card I would share. I knew it had to go to a special person that means so much to so many people. I was taken back when a student at our local High School died after reported acts of bullying. So many are quick to judge all by a handful of others. Our coach at our local WW Studio Workshop is a teacher at that school. I knew it had to go to her! She gives so much of herself on a daily basis and then come Saturday she's ready to take on our problems or victories. We exchanged hugs and tears as I handed her my first card. I explained how much she has meant to me on my journey to self discovery and to her students at a time of loss. Teachers are caught in the crossfire of so many daily problems and give so much of there lives to do their jobs to the fullest capacity. I challenge each of you to find that special person who has made a difference in so many lives and tell them "YOU MATTER"
George Miller George Miller wrote on January 20, 2018 at 3:28 am:
I sent a card to a friend in prison. He wrote back telling me how much it meant to him. Later I sent him two more and he wrote back"I opened the envelope and twp "YOU MATTER" cards fell out. D. (my cellie) and I had taken to sharing that card and calling out "YOU MATTER"" to one another and to passersby. It had become a bit battered, bent, and slightly stained when I splashed a drop of coffee on it. now, with TWO more cards, (he) has his own. Since then, several times a day he'll pick up the card, show it to me, and speak its truth. And I'll do the same. we're trying to start a movement, and we have you to thank!
At the end of his note my friend wrote :D. just held up his card and said, in his Mississippi drawl, "YOU MATTER." he then said, "Tell George thank you from me, too."
Lynn T. Lynn T. wrote on December 1, 2017 at 4:42 pm:
I gave out all 30 cards (one for me) and then sent more via email to make the Nov. 30 "deadline." I accompanied all with a link to the website & a brief description of this Marathon from materials provided by this group. Everyone was touched & pleased, especially once they really got it. None were to strangers, as I found too many people I see or am in touch with, once I really got going. I believe at least some will join in next year, & I plan to approach it a little differently to encompass more individuals. This is a positive idea of inclusion, when so much currently seems to be the opposite. Thank you.
Cary Cary wrote on December 1, 2017 at 1:36 am:
Thank you Cheryl for providing me this wonderful opportunity to let others know just how important they are to all of humanity. I sent a card to my 30+ Goddaughter who lives miles away from me. I added a short note on the back. The card encouraged her to take a leap of faith and foster/adopt a 4 week old infant abandoned New York her substance addicted mother. When she arrived home 3 days later with her baby girl she sent me a photo of the you matter card resting on top of her beautiful new daughter.!!!
Anita Pulley Anita Pulley wrote on November 23, 2017 at 8:38 pm:
In the academic medical center where I work, there's a beautiful chapel where anyone can go for prayer or reflection. In the chapel vestibule there's a book where people can record their prayer requests for the chaplains. This month I have left a You Matter card at the prayer request book multiple times so that the next person who writes something there will find it. I haven't stayed to see anyone pick up the card, but I hope that it gave him/her a moment of hope in a difficult time.

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