Only $430 to go

Dear YuMMies,

We are so close! Thanks to our amazing and generous YuMMies, we are only $430 away from completing the $3,000 matching challenge offered by School Improvement Partnership for this year’s “You Matter Match-a-thon.”

Would you be one of the YuMMies who helps us meet our match by making a gift today?

You know the valuable impact of sharing the You Matter message with others. Gifts received this month will have double the impact – allowing more new YuMMies to receive free cards and spread kindness one card share at a time.

We can’t wait to recognize your gift at one of our new 2021 annual giving levels. (See below.) And all donors who give $50 or more will receive a free You Matter face mask so you can spread positivity everywhere you go.

Thank you for being our perfect match.

You Matter.

With Gratitude,

Cheryl Rice, Founder

The You Matter Marathon will recognize the generosity of our 2021 donors at the following levels:
Smile – $1 – $49
Grin – $50 – 99
Twinkle – $100 – $249
Beam – $250 – $499
Laugh – $500 – $999
Happy Dance – $1,000 and up

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