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I order You Matter cards by the thousands and give them to any and everyone! I put them inside my bill payments, letters, place them on parked cars, and share 25-50 cards to those who would pass them along. Recently, at a big box store, I discovered I had no more cards in my pocket. I literally felt agitation, dismay and disbelief, telling my friend, “I’m very upset. I can’t believe I left home without more cards. I’ve already missed three opportunities to give out a card.” Handing people a You Matter card has been part of my life for so long that missing the opportunity was disheartening.

–Nell from Decatur, GA

Nell participates in the You Matter Marathon because the joy she feels with the card recipient is so deeply powerful. She has seen the impact sharing You Matter cards has on others. As Nell says, “Everything from people bursting into tears saying how much it meant, or how much they needed to hear that message, to people asking if I had more cards that they could pass along, to hugs, to returning the card to me to give me the same message!” Clearly Nell’s own life has been positively impacted and sharing cards has become an essential part of her life. “Never want to be without my cards.”

We’re so thankful for Nell’s dedication to our mission of creating positive connections within and between individuals by sharing You Matter cards. Nell shows us how both giving and receiving a YOU MATTER card can be equally impactful.

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You Matter.

Cheryl Rice, Founder

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