You Matter Moment


I’m thrilled with the responses I have received from giving the You Matter cards!
Unfortunately, I have to go to quite a few medical appointments. I decided the people that work in healthcare are super deserving of cards and I’ve received super responses from giving them! I return to find they still have the cards with them!
Yesterday the office receptionist seemed to be having a super stressful day and was unusually gruff with everyone. As I was leaving and she was finding my return appointment time, I gave a You Matter card to her and another receptionist. The tension in the area just dissolved and I have never seen these ladies so sweet and appreciative!  (Her voice changed completely!) They thanked me numerous times and said they were going to keep the cards on their computers!
I also gave a card to the person that takes me to my appointments and her card stays in her car so she can continue being reminded!
Thank you for the You Matter Marathon!

–Rachelle from Asheboro, NC

Who in your life needs to be reminded that they matter?

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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