You Matter Moment

My personal goal was to give more YM cards to strangers, especially men. In the past few years I have had no problem giving them to women, but I struggled with giving them to men.

The day my YM cards arrived I had to run errands. As I pulled into the parking lot I received the gift of watching this young dad push his cart super fast towards his truck with two young boys beaming with glee.

As the dad picked each son out of the cart, he spun them around before placing them into their car seats…giggle galore.

My mind wondered if he is going to think ‘this is dumb’.

But I shook that negative thought off, walked up to him and thanked him for brightening my day by interacting so joy-filled with his sons. I gave him the YM card, told him You Matter, turned around and walked away.

I hope his heart filled with joy as much as mine did watching him be in the moment with his two kids!

–Melissa from Breezy Point, MN

How can you go beyond your comfort zone when sharing a You Matter card?

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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