You Matter Moment

The You Matter Marathon came into my life with perfect timing. It was five years ago and my 70th birthday was fast approaching. I was seeking a way to help others and make a difference. My friend and creative writing professor told our class at Barnes & Noble about a wonderful new initiative handing out You Matter cards in November. Sign me up!

I started sharing these magical cards with friends and family. Then with co-workers. November came and went so I ordered more cards and continued sharing them through the years.

In 2020 I didn’t go out much, but essential workers in grocery and retail stores, along with health care workers, even delivery personnel and workers who came to our home all received a card. And always my gratitude.

While I do increase my efforts each November, handing out YM cards is a year-round joy for me. I’ve had people respond with tears in their eyes and tell me they really needed to hear this message in that moment. My last order from the printer was for 1000 cards! Now I’m happily handing out multiple cards so a recipient can in turn share cards with family, friends and co-workers.


Joy-Joy- Joy.

–Jo from West Chester, PA

Who can you give a You Matter card to today? Out of cards? Then sign up to receive 30 more You Matter cards for free.

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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