You Matter Moment

I find myself giving “You Matter” cards anytime the spirit moves me, which seems to be often these days!

Recently, I was going through the drive-through at a Wendy’s, and handed the young man taking my money a You Matter card along with the cash.

When I asked what grade he was in, he said he just graduated from an alternative high school.

I congratulated him and he answered, “You inspire me!”

Then I handed the young woman at the food pick-up window a You Matter card, to which she replied, “another one?” Apparently, I had already given her one in the past.

I suggested she give the card to someone else and drove away with my salad, a tear in my eye, and a big smile on my face!

–Dori from Lincoln, Nebraska

Try stashing a few You Matter cards in the glove compartment of your car. That way you’ll be ready to share one the next time you go through a drive-thru!

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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