You Matter Moment

After my doctor appointment I noticed a woman sitting on a bench near the elevator. Even through her mask, I thought she seemed sad.
I reached in my bag to look for a You Matter card.
Yikes! I couldn’t seem to find one.
I was hastily rummaging through every compartment.
The elevator came and I let the doors close.
Not one to give up easily, I kept searching (I carry a big bag!)
Aha – success!
I pulled out a card and offered it to the woman.
She looked a bit puzzled.
I just smiled and went to catch the elevator that had opened once again.
As she continued staring at the card, reading the words “You Matter,” I looked back towards her and added, “you really do, you know.”
And as I stepped into the elevator, she said “Bless you.”
I really needed her blessing that day, so a win-win.
–Jill from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who can you be a blessing for today?

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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