YuMMies from around the world often share with us why they love joining the You Matter Marathon. Some of the top reasons include: spreading kindness, expressing gratitude, and sharing the words YOU MATTER with others.

What surprises some of our You Matter Marathoners is how much the Marathon impacts their own lives. Check out what they had to say after the 2020 Marathon:

  • “One of the most positive experiences. Kindness shown to others, brings happiness and fulfillment to myself. It is free.”
  • “Really life changing experience!”
  • “I LOVE doing this and continue it throughout the year. It is amazing to me how many folks light up when they receive the card. It makes my day!!”

The You Matter Marathon can change your life while making a difference in the lives of others in your community. YOU MATTER cards are being sent to new members year-round so that we can continuously spread kindness when our world needs it so desperately!

We want to grow our YOU MATTER community and invite you to help us spread the YOU MATTER message so others may enjoy the impact on their lives! We currently have 707 Individuals and 72 Ambassador Organizations signed up for the 2021 You Matter Marathon.

If you haven’t joined the 2021 You Matter Marathon – SIGN UP NOW and get your 30 free cards within a month! (You don’t have to wait until the fall.)

Already a 2021 Participant?

Send this message to a friend, colleague, or member of your community and encourage them to join us this year!

We would love to hear from you! Share your own personal You Matter moment with us to be featured on our You Matter Moment showcase!

You Matter.

Cheryl Rice, Founder

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