Hi YuMMies,

This week, I felt the first hints of fall in the air. Unlike most people, however, a leaf on the ground here and there, and a cool breeze on my skin doesn’t make me long for more sunny summer days. For me, and for you, the crisp air just means that it’s almost time for the You Matter Marathon! And, despite the twists and turns of 2021, I have a feeling this will be our best year yet.

Already, there have been so many wonderful moments of kindness and connection that have come out of this particularly turbulent time, and I can’t wait to see how much more will come out of our marathon this November! Until then, my friends, I will continue to share some of the wonderful moments that have brightened my days, and that I hope will brighten yours too.

Today’s You Matter Story was submitted by Jentry from Idaho:

“I was out for my morning jog and came across a set of car keys. I knew I’d be coming back by on my way home so decided to leave them in hopes the owner would return and find them. When I came back by, they were still there, so I decided to bring them home and head to social media to hopefully find the owner. Within 24hrs, I had a potential owner reach out! I left the keys in a small baggie with a You Matter card on the front step (you know – keeping physical distance). When the key owner came to pick them up, he could have just grabbed them and left, but he rang the doorbell. I answered the door and was greeted by the most appreciative individual. While his thanks did include appreciation for finding his keys, he was more deeply moved by the You Matter Card and wanted to let me know how much it meant to him on that day. Being able to encourage someone – a stranger at that – made MY entire day! I can’t wait until I find another set of lost keys :)”

You never know when a You Matter moment – or a lost set of keys – will come your way! Sign Up for the You Matter Marathon today so that you can be prepared for yours!

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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