Dear YuMMies (my term of endearment for YMM participants):

What a wonderful week for the You Matter Marathon enrollment! And not a moment too soon as our kick-off is in less than a month.

Thanks to you all for spreading the word, and a lovely TV segment that went viral, our community now consists of over 1,300 individuals and 90 organizations from 19 countries. Some new Ambassador organizations include: American School of Tampico (Tamaulipas, Mexico), Inspiring Youth LLC (Laveen, AZ), and WL Gore and Associates (Wilmington, DE).


  • If you live in the US or Canada, your 30 free You Matter cards will be mailed the week of October 15th.
  • If you live outside the US, your cards will be mailed this week.
  • Click here to join our You Matter Facebook community.

What You Can Do Now

  1. We have participants in 49 of the 50 United States. Only Alaska is missing. If you have a friend in Alaska, please invite her/him to join us!
  2. Invite a school, community group, place of worship, or company to join the YMM as an Ambassador.  Just send them to our website:
  3. Share the You Matter Marathon video on your social media.

there’s a place I truly dread
called the land of never said
words not spoken and words not shared
now you might say
simply save them for another day
but it would be such a shame
if that other day never came
and they’d stay stuck and still
“thank you, so good to see you,
you make me happy, what a beautiful smile
i love you”
there must be a place in hell
for the land of never said
where the words would howl and shout
As they struggled to get out
pushing and pulling on the devil’s gate
but you have sealed their fate
when all along you had a choice
to give those words their voice

―Howard Rice, 2106 and 2017 YuMMie

You Matter.


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