My humanity is bound up in yours,
for we can only be human together.

―Desmond Tutu
Dear YuMMies,

What a powerful first week you created in the You Matter Marathon!

Our Community
The YMM now has 30,337 participants, and 200 Ambassador organizations from all 50 states, and 23 countries. Some new Ambassador organizations include: Trickum Middle School Counselors, Nadine’s Kids, and Adult Recreation Therapy Centre.

A Few Moments of You Matter Magic:

“I gave my cards out to patients at two free medical clinics in SC. No photos because of confidentiality but their smiles (a different kind of global warming!) are etched on my heart.”
-Christie from South Carolina

“I’m a teacher and I gave each child in my homeroom a You Matter card and signed it. As they came into class this morning they each had one on their desk. Many of them smiled and said Thank you. Then I went around and shared with each of them why they mattered to me. It created a great atmosphere and encouraged communication.”

“I gave the cards out today to everyone before a staff meeting. The agenda had the potential to ruffle some feathers, and I wanted everyone to know they Mattered!! It was a big hit. Everyone smiled. One fellow employee said it felt like an endorphin rush. The staff meeting went great. Everyone’s opinions were heard and respected.”

What You Can Do Now

  1. Post your pictures, short videos, and stories in our Facebook group or in our Guestbook. We love hearing from you!
  2. It’s not too late to invite a friend or group to join the Marathon. We have 600 card packets remaining and ready to be mailed!
  • If you want to give out more than 30 cards during November, click here to purchase You Matter cards (use discount code THANKS20), or print your own cards using this template.
  • Track the # of extra cards you share so we can apply that # towards our goal of giving out 1 Million cards.
  • ENJOY!
YMM in the Press
You Matter.


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