A little kindness from person to person is better than a vast love for all humankind.
Richard Dehmel

Dear YuMMies,

Thanksgiving certainly brought out our YuMMie best!

Our Community
The YMM now has 49,183 participants, and 268 Ambassador organizations from all 50 states, and 27 countries. Some new Ambassadors include:  Fred J. Carnage Magnet Middle School, Spreadin’ The Luv, and North Strabane Intermediate School.A Few Moments of You Matter Magic:
“I’ve been saving up a bunch of my cards to hand out to a special group of people. Our community held an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service this evening, and I felt blessed to hand You Matter cards to each of the clergy members (of various faiths and races) who participated and tell them how much the community appreciates their efforts to spread peace and togetherness.”
-Miriam Marcus

“The past few weeks my mother has had 2 hospital stays, with home care in between. I’ve shared almost all of the cards with people who have cared for her. Whenever I gave out a card I told them they mattered not just because of their vocations and the many people they help, but because they as individuals really mattered. It always produced a warm connecting moment. I would then give them a second card and ask them to choose someone else to share it with, someone who they felt needed it’s simple but powerful message. That’s when a bigger connection was made. Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in this beautiful way to connect with others, even if it’s a brief encounter. My joy tank is overflowing.”
-Pam Parker

“Thank you so much for this wondrous venture.  We have given out over 750 cards so far and everyone is loving it.  The most standard response is the same:  Hand out card saying, ‘Here this is for you.’  They smile, flip the card over to see the blank side, and they get it, saying with a beaming smile ‘Thanks I needed that.’  This Marathon has opened my heart to new heights and lights and awaiting another chance to pass out another card remembering that what we practice we strengthen.”
-Steve Crouch, YMM Ambassador from The Little Girl Little Boy Sweat Lodge

“In the academic medical center where I work, there’s a beautiful chapel where anyone can go for prayer or reflection.  In the chapel vestibule there’s a book where people record their prayer requests for the chaplains.  This month I left a You Matter card at the prayer request book multiple times so that the next person who writes something there will find it.”
-Anita Pulley

What You Can Do Now

  1. IMPORTANT: If you are an Individual participant and shared more than 30 You Matter cards during the Marathon, please send me an email with the # of additional cards shared so we can apply that # to our goal of sharing 1 million cards.
  2. Post your pictures, short videos, and stories in our Facebook group or in our Guestbook. We love hearing from you!
  3. Invite a friend or group to join the Marathon. We have 200 card packets remaining and ready to be mailed!
  • If you want to give out more than 30 cards during November, click here to purchase You Matter cards (use discount code THANKS20), or print your own cards using this template.  
  • Track the # of extra cards you share so we can apply that # towards our goal of giving out 1 Million cards.
You Matter.

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