Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by
an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks
to those who have rekindled this inner light.
Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Dear YuMMies,

Thanks to all of you, the Magic continues…

Our Community

The YMM now has 46,896 participants, and 258 Ambassador organizations from all 50 states, and 27 countries. Some new Ambassadors include: Dream Catchers, ALC Mindfulness Class, and Herington High School Class of 2019.

A Few Moments of You Matter Magic:
“As my students and I prepared breakfast at a shelter for displaced children, women, and men, I put out You Matter cards at every place setting. When one young lady came to get her breakfast, she just said a simple, “thank you, I needed that.” Sometimes that’s all it takes…the feeling that one gets that she belongs; she is cared for; she matters. This reinforces in me how important it is for each of us to be seen; to not be forgotten about.”
-Bradley Stoll

“We just returned from a trip to Iceland and we spread You Matter love all around, leaving one in the airport, hotel, on a bulletin board near a waterfall, and at the Blue Lagoon! I love this idea! Thank you for allowing me and my family to be a part of this! Always happy to spread joy and boost someone’s confidence, self-acceptance, and happiness! And, I’ll admit, I’ve kept one for myself which sits on my dresser, as a daily reminder to myself, which it seems everyone could use!”
-Michelle Gershon

“I received a “You Matter” card from my co-worker Dana Wise and I was sooo touched. I was moved to tears, cause it was JUST what the Dr. had ordered, I held them back when I went by to thank her. I am ecstatic that this is a “THING”!!!! I will share my 30 cards!!! Thank You!!!!”
-Annette Fletcher

“Last month I had passed out YOU MATTER cards to all (18) at a NAMI Manchester Family Support Meeting. Last night one woman told us that one day she got terribly depressed and when she saw the card she perked right up. They are life savers so keep on giving them out.”
-Karen Fedorchak

What You Can Do Now

  1. Post your pictures, short videos, and stories in our Facebook group or in our Guestbook. We love hearing from you!
  2. Invite a friend or group to join the Marathon. We have 300 card packets remaining and ready to be mailed!
  • If you want to give out more than 30 cards during November, click here to purchase You Matter cards (use discount code THANKS20), or print your own cards using this template.
  • Track the # of extra cards you share so we can apply that # towards our goal of giving out 1 Million cards.
You Matter.

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