You don’t have to do everything.
Do what calls your heart.
Effective action comes from love.
It is unstoppable and it is enough.

Joanna Macy environmental activist and Buddhist scholar

 Dear YuMMies,

You are AMAZING!

The magic has been unleashed and together we are touching hundreds of thousands of lives. Thank you!

Our Community
The YMM now has 45,520 participants, and 242 Ambassador organizationsfrom all 50 states, and 24 countries. Some new Ambassadors include: S.I.S. (Sisters Inspiring Sisters), EPiC Elementary 5th Grade Hunger, and ClearVision Optical.

A Few Moments of You Matter Magic:

“I decided to give my first card to a random stranger. I did not know when or where this would happen but decided to just trust my gut. I was waiting in line to check out at a department store and engaged in conversation with another lady. By the end of the conversation, I knew she would be the recipient of my first card. When I handed her the card, she began to cry and shared her story of a recent battle with breast cancer. There I stood in the middle of the store with a perfect stranger, crying with her, while also letting her know she matters. My story doesn’t end there. I had one more purchase to make at the same store. While paying for my merchandise, my gut told me to give the cashier a “you matter” card. Again, when I handed her the card she began to cry. She too shared a story with me. She had just escaped a five-year physically abusive relationship. Once again, I found myself standing in the middle of a department store crying with a total stranger. Giving the “you matter” card to these ladies touched my life just as much as it touched theirs. I smiled all the way home.”
-Sharry Gilliam

“Driving cross country so totally cold outside I saw a fathers reaction when his wife came out of the restroom with their young infant daughter. The look of love and adoration he had for her and tenderly holding her I gave him a card with a note on back. “Thank you for being a great dad. You will make a difference in this world”. I handed it to him all he saw was the front of the card that he matters and the look of genuine joy on his face and his thank you made my day.”
-Lynne Springer Kennell

“Sent 8 cards to my niece who is in prison. Got a letter telling me how excited she was and is sharing with some of the gals who have low self-esteem, are losing hope, and who she thinks needs a mental hug. Everyone, everywhere needs to know someone cares.”
-Virginia Reeves

What You Can Do Now

  1. Post your pictures, short videos, and stories in our Facebook group or in our Guestbook. We love hearing from you!
  2. Invite a friend or group to join the Marathon. We have 500 card packets remaining and ready to be mailed!
  • If you want to give out more than 30 cards during November, click here to purchase You Matter cards (use discount code THANKS20), or print your own cards using this template.
  • Track the # of extra cards you share so we can apply that # towards our goal of giving out 1 Million cards.
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